Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Apple Day = Fun Day!

On Sunday 16 October we took part in Apple Day at Bromham Mill. We brought an activity inspired by the wonderful varieties of Laxton’s Apples. Children invented new names for varieties of apples and then drew pictures of those delicious new varieties.

What a fantastic day it was! More than 100 children joined in. We had: Pink Higgins Spitfire by Hannah age 3, Champion Pink Delight, Royal Polka Dot Victory, Stunning Ruby, Brown Custard Epicure by Mathew and Strictly Crimson Duchess. Emma awarded herself first price for this last one.Apple seed growers take notice; for naming future varieties contact us; we have a long list of apple names to choose from!

We also took some artefacts from the Art Gallery & Museum handling collection. The sugar snips were a real conversation piece. Generally speaking people thought they must be for something much more gruesome and scary then they were.

We had a great day, and we hope everyone that joined in had a great day too!